Base class for test cases. Provides test cases to verify field extractions and CIM compatibility.

class standard_lib.addon_basic.Basic[source]

Bases: standard_lib.fields_tests.test_templates.FieldTestTemplates, standard_lib.cim_tests.test_templates.CIMTestTemplates, standard_lib.index_tests.test_templates.IndexTimeTestTemplate

Base class for test cases. Inherit this class to include the test cases for an Add-on. Only implement the common tests here, all the other specific test case should be implemented in a TestTemplate class and Basic should inherit it.

test_events_with_untokenised_values(splunk_search_util, splunk_ingest_data, splunk_setup, record_property)[source]

Test case to validate that all the events have been properly tokenised

  • splunk_search_util (SearchUtil) – Object that helps to search on Splunk.

  • splunk_ingest_data (fixture) – To ingest data into splunk.

  • record_property (fixture) – Document facts of test cases.