Source code for standard_lib.fields_tests.test_generator

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Module include class to generate the test cases
to test the knowledge objects of an Add-on.
import pytest
import json
import logging
from itertools import chain

from ..addon_parser import Field
from ..addon_parser import AddonParser
from . import FieldBank

LOGGER = logging.getLogger("pytest-splunk-addon")
[docs]class FieldTestGenerator(object): """ Generates test cases to test the knowledge objects of an Add-on. * Provides the pytest parameters to the test templates. * Supports field_bank: List of fields with patterns and expected values which should be tested for the Add-on. Args: app_path (str): Path of the app package field_bank (str): Path of the fields Json file """ def __init__(self, app_path, field_bank=None): LOGGER.debug("initializing AddonParser to parse the app") self.addon_parser = AddonParser(app_path) self.field_bank = field_bank
[docs] def generate_tests(self, fixture): """ Generate the test cases based on the fixture provided supported fixtures: * splunk_app_searchtime_fields * splunk_app_searchtime_negative * splunk_app_searchtime_eventtypes * splunk_app_searchtime_tags * splunk_app_searchtime_savedsearches Args: fixture(str): fixture name """ if fixture.endswith("positive"): yield from self.generate_field_tests(is_positive=True) elif fixture.endswith("negative"): yield from self.generate_field_tests(is_positive=False) elif fixture.endswith("tags"): yield from self.generate_tag_tests() elif fixture.endswith("eventtypes") : yield from self.generate_eventtype_tests() elif fixture.endswith("savedsearches"): yield from self.generate_savedsearches_tests()
[docs] def generate_field_tests(self, is_positive): """ Generate test case for fields Args: is_positive (bool): Test type to generate Yields: pytest.params for the test templates """"generating field tests") field_itr = chain( FieldBank.init_field_bank_tests(self.field_bank), self.addon_parser.get_props_fields() ) for fields_group in field_itr: # Generate test case for the stanza # Do not generate if it is a negative test case if is_positive: stanza_test_group = fields_group.copy() stanza_test_group["fields"] = [] yield pytest.param( stanza_test_group, id="{stanza}".format(**fields_group) ) # Generate a test case for all the fields in the classname if self._contains_classname(fields_group, ["EXTRACT", "REPORT", "LOOKUP"]): # ACD-4136: Convert the Field objects to dictionary to resolve the shared # memory issue with pytest-xdist parallel execution test_group = fields_group.copy() test_group["fields"] = [each.__dict__ for each in test_group["fields"]] yield pytest.param( test_group, id="{stanza}::{classname}".format(**test_group) ) # For each field mentioned in field_bank, a separate # test should be generated. # Counter to make the test_id unique field_bank_id = 0 # Generate test-cases for each field in classname one by one for each_field in fields_group["fields"]: # Create a dictionary for a single field with classname and stanza # ACD-4136: Convert the Field object to dictionary to resolve the shared # memory issue with pytest-xdist parallel execution one_field_group = fields_group.copy() one_field_group["fields"] = [each_field.__dict__] if fields_group["classname"] != "field_bank": test_type = "field" else: field_bank_id += 1 test_type = f"field_bank_{field_bank_id}" stanza = fields_group["stanza"] yield pytest.param( one_field_group, id=f"{stanza}::{test_type}::{each_field}" )
[docs] def generate_tag_tests(self): """ Generate test case for tags Yields: pytest.params for the test templates """ for each_tag_group in self.addon_parser.get_tags(): yield pytest.param( each_tag_group, id="{stanza}::tag::{tag}".format(**each_tag_group) )
[docs] def generate_eventtype_tests(self): """ Generate test case for eventtypes Yields: pytest.params for the test templates """ for each_eventtype in self.addon_parser.get_eventtypes(): yield pytest.param( each_eventtype, id="eventtype::{stanza}".format(**each_eventtype) )
[docs] def generate_savedsearches_tests(self): """ Generate test case for savedsearches Yields: pytest.params for the test templates """ for each_savedsearch in self.addon_parser.get_savedsearches(): yield pytest.param( each_savedsearch, id="{stanza}".format(**each_savedsearch))
def _contains_classname(self, fields_group, criteria): """ Check if the field_group dictionary contains the classname """ return any([fields_group["classname"].startswith(each) for each in criteria])