Source code for standard_lib.cim_tests.data_set

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Includes DataSet class which handles a single data set
from ..addon_parser import Field

[docs]class DataSet(object): """ Handles a single data set Args: data_set_json(dict): Json of a single DataSet """ def __init__(self, data_set_json, data_model): = data_set_json.get("name") self.tags = data_set_json.get("tags") self.data_model = data_model self.child_dataset = list(self.load_dataset(data_set_json.get("child_dataset"), self.data_model)) self.fields = list(Field.parse_fields( data_set_json.get("fields"), expected_values=[], negative_values=["", "-", "unknown", "null", "(null)"] )) self.fields_cluster = self._parse_fields_cluster(data_set_json.get("fields_cluster")) self.search_constraints = self._parse_constraint(data_set_json.get("search_constraints"))
[docs] @classmethod def load_dataset(cls, dataset_list, data_model): """ Parse all the fields from the data_model_json Args: dataset_list(list): Contains list of datasets data_model: Name of the data model Yields: data_set.DataSet: Dataset object for the given list """ if dataset_list is not None: for each_dataset in dataset_list: yield cls(each_dataset, data_model)
@classmethod def _parse_constraint(cls, constraint_search): """ For future implementation when Constraint parsing mechanism should be added. This would come in picture while we parse data model Json. """ return constraint_search def _parse_fields_cluster(self, fields_clusters): """ Parse all the fields from the data_model_json """ parsed_fields_clusters = [] for each_cluster in fields_clusters: parsed_cluster = list(filter(lambda in each_cluster, self.fields)) assert len(each_cluster) == len(parsed_cluster), ( f"Dataset={}, Each cluster field should be included in fields list" ) parsed_fields_clusters.append(parsed_cluster) return parsed_fields_clusters
[docs] def match_tags(self, addon_tag_list): """ Check if the tags are mapped with this data set """ for each_tag_group in self.tags: if set(each_tag_group).issubset(set(addon_tag_list)): return True
def __str__(self): return str(