Source code for standard_lib.addon_parser

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
The module provides the Add-on parsing mechanism. It can
parse the knowledge objects from an Add-on's configuration files

Supports: fields from props & transforms, tags, eventtypes

    splunk_appinspect.App: To parse the configuration files 
import os
import re
import logging
from splunk_appinspect import App

from .fields import convert_to_fields, Field
from .transforms_parser import TransformsParser
from .props_parser import PropsParser
from .tags_parser import TagsParser
from .eventtype_parser import EventTypeParser
from .savedsearches_parser import SavedSearchParser

LOGGER = logging.getLogger("pytest-splunk-addon")

[docs]class AddonParser(object): """ Parse the knowledge objects from an Add-on's configuration files. Supports: fields from props & transforms, tags, eventtypes Args: splunk_app_path (str): Path to the Splunk App """ def __init__(self, splunk_app_path): self.splunk_app_path = splunk_app_path"Initializing the splunk_appinspect.App from path={splunk_app_path}") self._app = None self._props_parser = None self._tags_parser = None self._eventtype_parser = None self._savedsearch_parser = None @property def app(self): if not self._app: self._app = App(self.splunk_app_path, python_analyzer_enable=False) return self._app @property def props_parser(self): if not self._props_parser: self._props_parser = PropsParser(self.splunk_app_path, return self._props_parser @property def tags_parser(self): if not self._tags_parser: self._tags_parser = TagsParser(self.splunk_app_path, return self._tags_parser @property def eventtype_parser(self): if not self._eventtype_parser: self._eventtype_parser = EventTypeParser(self.splunk_app_path, return self._eventtype_parser @property def savedsearch_parser(self): if not self._savedsearch_parser: self._savedsearch_parser = SavedSearchParser(self.splunk_app_path, return self._savedsearch_parser
[docs] def get_props_fields(self): """ Parse the props.conf and yield all supported fields Yields: generator of all the supported fields """ return self.props_parser.get_props_fields()
[docs] def get_tags(self): """ Parse the tags.conf of the App & yield stanzas Yields: generator of stanzas from the tags """ return self.tags_parser.get_tags()
[docs] def get_eventtypes(self): """ Parse the App configuration files & yield eventtypes Yields: generator of list of eventtypes """ return self.eventtype_parser.get_eventtypes()
[docs] def get_savedsearches(self): """ Parse the App configuration files & yield searchedservices Yields: generator of list of searchedservices """ return self.savedsearch_parser.get_savedsearches()