Source code for standard_lib.addon_basic

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Base class for test cases. Provides test cases to verify
field extractions and CIM compatibility.

from .fields_tests import FieldTestTemplates
from .cim_tests import CIMTestTemplates, FieldTestHelper
from .index_tests import IndexTimeTestTemplate
import pytest

[docs]class Basic(FieldTestTemplates, CIMTestTemplates, IndexTimeTestTemplate): """ Base class for test cases. Inherit this class to include the test cases for an Add-on. Only implement the common tests here, all the other specific test case should be implemented in a TestTemplate class and Basic should inherit it. """
[docs] @pytest.mark.first @pytest.mark.splunk_indextime @pytest.mark.splunk_searchtime_cim @pytest.mark.splunk_searchtime_fields def test_events_with_untokenised_values( self, splunk_search_util, splunk_ingest_data, splunk_setup, record_property ): """ Test case to validate that all the events have been properly tokenised Args: splunk_search_util (SearchUtil): Object that helps to search on Splunk. splunk_ingest_data (fixture): To ingest data into splunk. record_property (fixture): Document facts of test cases. """ query =f'search index=* ##*## | stats count by source, sourcetype' record_property("Query", query) results = list( splunk_search_util.getFieldValuesList( query, interval=0, retries=0, ) ) if results: record_property("results", results) result_str = FieldTestHelper.get_table_output( headers=["Source","Sourcetype"], value_list=[ [ result.get("source"), result.get("sourcetype"), ] for result in results ], ) assert False, ( f"For the query: '{query}'\n" f"Some fields are not tokenized in the events of following source and sourcetype \n{result_str}" )